Star Bloggers Daniel F ,Daniel L, Lauren ,Sally

This week during golden time we learnt how to do sign language .We learnt the actions for the words snake,dog,tiger,cat,elephant and the colours red,blue and gold. Daniel F

I had a great time doing the penalty shoot out ,I scored two penalties and my team won .Daniel L


I enjoyed History this week ,we have been learning what happened in the Great Fire of London in 1666. Lauren

Wigan Warriors came into school to do sports it was fantastic. My favourite part was the sprinting race. Sally







Star bloggers – Sam F, Isobel, Daniel M and Freya

This week in Art we looked at images of flowers on the internet then we used pastels to draw our own. Sam F


I loved making the bug hotels at Haigh Hall we used real hammers and nails to hold them together. Later that day we went on a bug hunt in the woods and I found a newt . Isobel H


Haigh Hall was great I enjoyed going in all the old rooms in the hall .Freya M


I enjoyed cricket this week my friend William was Star of the Week and I think he deserved it. Daniel M



Star Bloggers – Isla H, Oscar, Lucy and Regan

I enjoyed doing Sports Day because I was trying hardest to win a sticker and I did in the end. I was Star of the Week in D.T. and I  enjoyed doing the printing and painting with my friend Regan.

Isla H.

I enjoyed Big Write when I wrote a new adventure about the Gaskitt family.


Today we made plant pots out of old newspaper and replanted our beans which had been growing in a plastic pot and wet newspaper . IMG_3512[1]


I really enjoyed doing cricket we played a team game of batting and bowling. I was chosen as star of the week.



Star bloggers – Millie, William, Ewan and Charlie

I have enjoyed Maths this week we have been doing  fractions and word problems. I love maths because it gets harder and harder . Millie

I loved D.T we continued to make  windsocks. William



I enjoyed the story of 365 Penguins ,we made our own penguins and wrote number facts on them .Charlie



I really enjoyed French on Tuesday when my Mum came to watch.Ewan