Times Tables

All the children are working towards their magic multiplier badge (2s, 3s, 5s and 10s) and beyond.  When they are confident to be tested they can ask myself, Mrs Barnes, Miss Hendry or Mrs Keeley to test them.  They need to know them in any order and be able to respond within a couple of seconds to achieve their sticker.

Just as a reminder I have copied a link below to take you to some exciting times tables games.


Good Luck!

Mrs Fairhurst

Papa Luigi’s


Year 3 are very excited to be visiting Papa Luigi’s!  We will be making our own pizza base, adding our preferred toppings and (most  excitingly) eating our pizza whilst we are there.  Most of the children in last year’s Year 3 loved the pizzas and ate every piece (and they were quite big!) and all groaned when we returned to school in time for them to have their dinner!

Please consider this when packing their lunch on the day of the trip, they may end up bringing it all home again!

We will be walking to the restaurant so please ensure that your child has a waterproof coat with a hood in case of wet weather.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Fairhurst


Year 3 have been learning about Pointillism and the work of Georges Seurat.  They created their own colour wheel with this technique, making new colours with optical mixing.  Stay posted for more of this work later.

colour wheel

Maths Meeting


There will be a Maths Curriculum/Mathletics meeting in the hall at 3.45pm on Wednesday the 7th of October.  If any of you have specific questions relating to the Year 3 maths curriculum I will be available during this meeting.

Mrs Fairhurst