Homework – 4.12.15

Well done to all the bloggers, I loved reading your stories about your little dragon, although I am slightly worried he is lurking around our classroom somewhere!

This week I’d like to practise our use of speech marks.  Can you think what this giraffe might be saying?  Remember that they go around only what is being said and you must include punctuation inside them, e.g.

The giraffe whispered I’m stuck!”

As an extra challenge, try to find a more powerful verb than “said”.


Homework – 27.11.15

I am so impressed with the writing that the children are posting to the blog!  Well done everyone :-)

For this week please write your own super sentences about the tiny dragon.  Ideas are below:


Where is it from?   Why is it so small?   Are there more like him?Where does he live?   How will you look after it?   Will you keep it a secret or tell someone?   What is it called?   Is it magic?   What magic can it do?

I like to imagine that it is a really small dragon which you can keep in your pocket but when you need to it can grow huge so that you can ride it.

Homework 20-11-15

We had such fantastic sentences last week I thought we could tell a mini story this week.

You tiptoe down the stairs on Christmas Eve to see if Father Christmas has been.  As you peer around the door you see a box wobbling under the tree and hear a rustling sound amongst the branches.  You approach timidly and this is what you see:

Gift_boxWhat came out of the box and what is it doing now?