World Book Day Challenge

As you know, tomorrow is World Book Day. In no more than 25 words, tell me what your favourite book is and why. All replies will recieve one dojo and extra dojos will be on offer for excellent responses.


Good luck!

6 thoughts on “World Book Day Challenge”

  1. My favourite book by Roald Dahl is The BFG because it is very exciting and it has suspension, waiting for the next part!

  2. My favourite book is George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. This is because I like the way he describes the characters, especially George’s Grandmother.

  3. My favourite book is the Midnight Gang because
    it is really funny and exciting . I particularly like it when Jack stabs matron in the bottom!

  4. My favourite book is dotty detective because she is very sneaky and wants to find out everything, she also has a nice friend called Beans.

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