This week’s blog task is to write an if, if, if, then sentence about the picture below. Then teach someone at home about if, if, if, then sentences are and get them to have a go at writing one.


Good luck!


Mr Lyons

7 thoughts on “IF, IF, IF, THEN SENTENCES”

  1. If I wasn’t asleep,if we never went to the safari park,if I didn’t scream, then I wouldn’t have had a donkey trying to bite me.

  2. If I hadn’t off wound my window down, if it wasn’t me he picked , if unlucky wasn’t my middle name ,then l wouldn’t of lost my voice by screaming.

  3. If I hadn’t left the window open, if I hadn’t been eating carrots, if the horse had brushed its teeth, then I wouldn’t be screaming right now!

  4. If i didn’t want to see the animals, if i hadn’t opened the window
    , if he hadn’t have taken my snack, then i wouldn’t have been sick.

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