Andy Warhol inspired images

This week we have taken inspiration from Andy Warhol’s repeated prints of Marylin Monroe.

Mrs McLeod showed us how to us tracing techniques to repeat a black and white photograph image of ourselves.

Next week we will add layers of contrasting colours.

73375308-B0AD-46E9-A5FE-776B8AA62B01 B43E57B5-F5B5-484F-A9D8-CB1019DC7C1D E6BE189D-CF8E-46A7-9906-D4B3DFB59434 7FDA75A5-A68C-4203-8CCB-BE52BC0055F0 927D41B7-CE0F-466F-98E3-654DE7108CD3 5A9E7440-86A8-451C-9C6A-6E95F1B349B9 0DC570F0-369C-4DB3-9DC4-39CB6494FC1A

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